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About Luca Venue

Explore some of the best dreamy nights with your partners and friends.

Romantic Dinners

Astonishing romance experience with its breathtaking once in a lifetime experience, gorgeous atmosphere, and delicious cuisine. Luca Venue offers a dreamy night to celebrate the special two of you in an unsimilar event. A lovely, softly lit space awaits reserved guests looking to add a bit of spark to their dining experience. For an extra dose of romance, add your selective packages to show your partner how special they are; it’s a cozy space perfect for enjoying an intimate meal with a loved one.

As for the cuisine, the ever-changing menu features recipes made with the finest ingredients. The mouthwatering cuisine is a mixture of both authentic and contemporary recipes that are sure to add to the incredible experience. A wonderful nighttime venue, only at Luca Venue. A truly special place, offers popular romantic songs with an astounding atmosphere.


Only with us

Get ready to start your exciting journey.

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